Land Rover is a prestigious and iconic brand synonymous with luxury, adventure, and off-road prowess for decades. They have a remarkable legacy and an unwavering dedication to development, consistently providing exceptional vehicles that offer outstanding on-road luxury and off-road proficiency.


From the legendary Defender to the sophisticated Range Rover, each Land Rover model showcases exquisite craftsmanship, advanced technology, and unmatched versatility. Whether tackling rugged terrains, traversing through challenging weather conditions, or indulging in refined luxury, Land Rover vehicles are designed to elevate every driving experience. Embrace the spirit of exploration and elevate your lifestyle with the legendary Land Rover brand at Alwan Global.

Land Rover is a prestigious British automaker specializing in crafting luxurious 4WD vehicles. With a history dating back to 1948, it is owned by Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of Tata Motors. Renowned for their exceptional durability and off-road capabilities, Land Rover vehicles are a top choice for avid adventure enthusiasts worldwide.


We’re thrilled to share our spectacular Land Rover collection, featuring the legendary Range Rover SVRange Rover HSEDiscovery, Defender, and Evoque models. These stunning cars look fantastic and deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With cutting-edge technology and sleek designs, they are sure to impress. What’s more, these vehicles are built to last and can easily tackle any off-road terrain. Land Rover is about adventure and experiencing all the world has to offer. Come and explore our Land Rover lineup today!


Land Rovers have built a solid reputation for their exceptional reliability and luxuriousness. These vehicles are built to withstand the harshest terrains and are trusted by adventurers worldwide. Land Rovers can easily conquer tough terrains like mud, snow, sand, and rocky paths. They have advanced off-road capabilities and durable construction. This is possible with features such as adjustable air suspension and cutting-edge four-wheel-drive systems.

Explore Our Exclusive Land Rover Collection

Seeing is believing, and we invite you to witness the excellence of our Land Rovers firsthand. Our showroom is a testament to luxury and performance, allowing you to explore each model up close. Our skilled team is ready to address any inquiries you may have, provide valuable perspectives, and expertly assist you throughout the selection process.


We at Alwan Global are incredibly proud to curate a wide and remarkable selection of Land Rovers in our inventory. We offer various models such as the Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender, each tailored to different preferences and needs.


Alwan Global is the perfect place to find a luxurious, powerful, and reliable Land Rover. Our esteemed dealership brings you a remarkable selection of Land Rovers for sale, all under one roof. With the added benefit of warranties, competitive prices, and the option for export, your dream Land Rover is just a visit away.

Quality and Warranty Assurance

When you choose a Land Rover from Alwan Global, you’re not only investing in a luxury SUV but also in peace of mind. Many of our Land Rovers come with warranties, providing an added protection layer against unexpected issues. Our meticulous inspection ensures that each vehicle meets the highest quality standards, allowing you to drive away confidently.

Land Rover For Sale at Best Prices

We understand that value is of paramount importance when purchasing a Land Rover. That’s why Alwan Global is committed to offering the best prices in Dubai without compromising on quality. Our pricing strategy is designed to provide exceptional value for your investment. You can explore our range of Land Rovers knowing that you’re getting the most competitive prices in the market.

Your Gateway to International Adventures

At Alwan Global, we cater to more than just local buyers. We proudly offer export services, allowing you to take your Land Rover beyond Dubai’s borders and embark on international journeys. Our export process ensures that your Land Rover arrives in perfect condition at its new destination, ready for new adventures.


At Alwan Global, we’re not just a dealership but your partners in making your Land Rover dreams a reality. We’ll support you through your entire Land Rover ownership journey.


Discover the perfect combination of opulence and power at Alwan Global, the Land Rover dealership you can rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Land Rover price in Dubai varies based on the model and features. It generally starts from AED 180,000 and can increase depending on customization and trim options. Visit our website Alwan.Global for precise pricing of all the Land Rover Models.

Land Rover is a British multinational automotive company owned by Tata Motors, an Indian automotive corporation.

Land Rovers are expensive because of their advanced technology, robust off-road capabilities, and luxurious features. Durable and high-performing vehicles come at a premium price due to extensive research and high-quality materials.

Land Rover is a brand renowned for its rugged off-road vehicles, while Range Rover is a model line that offers more luxury and premium features. Although all Range Rovers are Land Rovers, not all Land Rovers are Range Rovers.

The main difference between Land Rover and Range Rover is that Land Rover specializes in creating rugged off-road vehicles, while Range Rover focuses on crafting luxurious SUVs with sophisticated features and upscale designs.

Maintaining a Land Rover can be expensive due to its advanced technology, rugged components, and premium materials. Routine servicing, specialized parts, and skilled mechanics contribute to higher maintenance costs than standard vehicles.